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We are

If you share our vision we offer you a website, booking platform, administrative and strategic support to start or grow your project. Starting from €29 per month

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What we are looking for

We stand alongside individuals and organizations who through their work want to make a positive social impact, open people's minds and together build a more equitable and inclusive future in which people, the environment and technology can thrive in balance. We support:

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Responsible and Regenerative Tourism

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Cultural Innovation and the Performing Arts.

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Sport as a form of social inclusion

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Planning for the regeneration of territories

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Experiential scientific disclosure


What kind of projects we help grow

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By activities we mean experiences of a few hours or a day, for example, hikes, nature dives, sports activities, workshops, events, discussions, and so on.

We are particularly interested in experiences that manage to condense strong educational and transformative value in a short time

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Happy places

Happy places are the places that transform people. They can be of many kinds, we can think of eco-villages, mountain refuges, educational farms, permaculture farms, all the way to table sports "houses," and so on. A Place can also be understood as a community, a hamlet for example

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By adventures we mean multi-day experiences, such as walking, hiking, bikepacking, or sailing. We look for adventures that are slow, active, and responsible to places and people, and that can inspire those who experience them to care for the world and themselves.

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And much more

We are interested in all forms of experiences that can have a transformative or educational impact on the people who experience them. Experiences that open minds and help create community and awareness

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Let's go into a little more detail

What we provide you with

Our formula is a mix of strategic and operational support and services and resources to enable the project to work well, professionally, and safely

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Booking Platform

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Strategic support

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Administrative management

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Marketing team

What you get

We have a support model created and refined together with the 100+ projects we have worked with between 2020 and 2023.

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Save time

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Save money

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You work safely

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Get a team

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Grow faster

How it works and how much it costs

Our model is designed to lower your costs and create a partnership with the Apical team based on shared results

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We are partners

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Customized agreement

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Expense reimbursement

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Limited duration

How we evaluate projects

We work with projects of all sizes, both young and mature applying the same evaluation criteria:

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Consistency with respect to vision

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Clear identity

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Size does not matter

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What happens if you don't qualify

Apply for your project and get a proposal within 7 days



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We understand where the project is at, what your goals are, and what it takes to achieve them


Grow with us

Let's prepare a work program for 6 or 12 months and start growing together

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We created this program because our mission is to make it as easy, inexpensive and fast as possible for anyone who is not satisfied with profit and wants to make a positive impact through their work

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With the "Create with Apical" program, we are committed to supporting the growth of projects through a comprehensive and flexible incubation formula that allows our partners to dramatically increase their chances of success

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Starting an entrepreneurial or self-employment project is often a privilege reserved for those who can afford to invest a lot of money and time while waiting for the first revenues. "Create with Apical" was created to break down these barriers and provide an opportunity for more people.

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For those

The program is open to individuals, including those without vat, companies and nonprofit organizations. Size, ambition and seniority are never a reason not to apply.

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Do you have an idea you have yet to shape? Check out the Pilot Program

If you feel your project is not yet ready, you can apply for the Pilot Program, the incubation program we created to help anyone with a good idea turn it into a concrete project and achieve their goals

More than support do you want to acquire skills? Find out about training

If you or your team would like to gain skills to be more autonomous then we recommend you discover Apical training for professionalists, businesses, nonprofits, and project teams

Join our community, find out who we are and what motivates us

Apical is first and foremost a community where we connect people through events, webinars, working groups and opportunities. Register and discover our world


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