Pilot Program 11 starts on Oct. 18

The only incubation program dedicated to those creating experiences in sports, arts, culture and science outreach
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The Pilot Program is Apical's incubation program, created to help anyone with a good idea to turn it into a concrete project and achieve their goals

The Pilot is dedicated to those who are in the stage of laying the foundation for their project; anyone who creates or wants to create happy experiences, adventures or places can nominate their project.

Tell us your idea and start growing with us.

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Pilot Program recipe:
how we support your idea

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12+ Months

For 12 months you are part of our Pro community. You have all the time you need, all the services and our support for a year, at the end you can decide to continue to grow and work with us or continue independently

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We connect you with altr3 Creators

We work in groups to learn and grow faster. The Pilot starts every 2 months with a group of up to 10 projects that in the first 4 months follow a common work program divided into 16 stages to prepare their idea and figure out how to grow it

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Create, we'll take care of the rest

We are a licensed tour operator, we do administration, and we also have our own e-commerce platform for you. So you don't have to think about anything or invest money. You work well with us from day one


Learn all about what's new in the 11th edition of the Pilot Program

Who we are looking for

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By experiences we mean activities of a few hours or a day, for example, hikes, nature dives, sports activities, workshops, events, discussions, and so on.

We are particularly interested in experiences that manage to condense strong educational and transformative value in a short time

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Happy places

Happy places are the places that transform people. They can be of many kinds, we can think of eco-villages, mountain refuges, educational farms, permaculture farms, all the way to table sports "houses," and so on. A Place can also be understood as a community, a hamlet for example

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By adventures we mean multi-day experiences, such as walking, hiking, bikepacking, or sailing. We look for adventures that are slow, active, and responsible to places and people, and that can inspire those who experience them to care for the world and themselves.

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Apical is first and foremost a community of people committed to a more equitable, inclusive and balanced world for all3

You can join our community even if you don't have a clear project right now or if you have something in mind that doesn't fit into the 3 categories

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How the program works

Our established and up-to-date method to best support you

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4 editions per year

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Max 10 projects per edition

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Registration on application

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Clear objectives


Some important things
about our method

What we do in the first 4 months together

Working in groups accelerates learning and builds relationships. Thanks to this method, we are able to work well and quickly together

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Group meeting

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1to1 Meeting

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Slack environment

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Online Resources

What you get by doing the Pilot

Each project has its own story but there are certain benefits that through our experience in 10 editions of the program we know are always worthwhile

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Save time

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You learn a method

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You can access Apical Accelerator

The services we make available to you

We give you everything you need to work well, professionally and safely right away

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Tour Operator License

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Booking platform

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Landing page and site

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Find out the stories of some Pilot Program participants and their opinion of the program



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How do I know if it is the right time to participate in the program?

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Is the Pilot suitable only for new projects or also for mature companies?

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How long does it take to follow the program?

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I am sol*, can I still participate?

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I don't have a VAT number, can I still participate?

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What happens at the end of the program?

Submit your project to us

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