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Training is like a journey of discovery. It leads you where you want to go by helping you better understand what the starting point is, so that one step after another you can go in the right direction

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Apical SB Academy is Apical's training school, offering Skills and network to increase the competitiveness and social impact of organizations and people who are not satisfied with profit

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We stand alongside individuals and organizations who through their work want to make a positive social impact, open people's minds and together build a more equitable and inclusive future in which people, the environment and technology can thrive in balance. We support:

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Responsible and Regenerative Tourism

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Cultural Innovation and the Performing Arts.

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Sport as a form of social inclusion

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Planning for the regeneration of territories

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Experiential scientific disclosure

We stand with those who use their skills to build a more equitable, inclusive and sustainable future

Our training paths will guide you toward:

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The development of innovative business projects

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The setting of digital communication

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The planning of land regeneration

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Our mission is to make it as easy, inexpensive and fast as possible for anyone who is not satisfied with profit and wants to make a positive impact through their work

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We design practical, useful, hands-on trainings together with faculty and established entities in our community to offer high-level tools and skills that are immediately spendable in the field

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We give context to skills by reasoning about how they can be
used to generate positive effects on society and the environment

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For those

We support those working in responsible tourism,cultural innovation, sports as a vehicle for social inclusion, and planning for the regeneration of territories

Why choose Apical's training ?

To evolve your skills

Our programs are designed to provide you with a high standard of education, to transfer practical and useful skills, and to certify the knowledge you acquire

To have an impact

We give a mission to skills and help you become a* knowledgeable professional who can impact the performance but also the social mission of any project

To create new relationships

By accessing the training you become part of Apical's community of social innovators, a group of people who are not satisfied with profit and want to make a positive social impact through their work

Make a difference by acquiring the most up-to-date skills

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