The Apical Gazette: news for 7/21/2022

The Apical Gazette: news for 7/21/2022

In this gazette we want to give you four important updates that could stimulate some thoughts or even change the fortunes of your business project in the worlds of culture, sports, science, arts and tourism. Discover them all!

This is a test starting today, a new form of communication, we believe more streamlined, but not definitive. If you like it it will be maintained. If not, in true startup style, we will be ready to change again.

Last places available for the Pilot Program

Let’s start with updates on the Pilot Program:

As you know by now (and in case you don’t, we’re here just to make up for it!)
September sees the return of our not-to-be-missed Accelerator Pilot Program.
(if you don’t remember what it is and how it can help you, click here and read the article).

On September 13, the eighth Pilot Program will begin, representing the only program specifically dedicated to those who create transformative experiences. Talents and ideas to be transformed into successful entrepreneurial projects.
Some information to note:

  1. There are the last 4 spots left and we are hearing the stories of some interesting transformative experience projects that strive to create impact and transformation, yours might be among them!
  2. To apply, simply schedule a meeting with Nicola and present your project. You will decide together whether to pursue
  3. You have the opportunity to reserve your next Pilot by paying a portion of the final balance by the end of July. With only €150 you have the opportunity to reserve your place.
  4. The strengths of our training are the value of the Apical Community, the expertise of our team, and the use of technology.

Don’t waste time, places are limited and there are only 10 days left to take advantage of the split payment!

schedule an appointment now
with Nicola to assess what you need and what we can accomplish together.

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Pilots in Talk with My Langhe and Roero Experience and EcoTips Travel Lab

Watch the interview in full

Now let’s talk about the dual interview of My Langhe and Roero Experience and EcoTips Travel Lab: two Creators who participated in the sixth edition of the Pilot Program, after which they decided to stay with Apical.

Francesca from My Langhe and Roero Experience and Diletta, Maurizio and Giorgia, the folks from EcoTips Travel Lab, participated in the Apical Facebook Community’s “Pilots in Talk” event. If you would like to know what questions, concerns, and solutions Creators like you have that offer Transformative Experiences, you can find out by clicking here and reading the double interview article and/or watching the Facebook Live recording!

In fact, during the Pilots in talk a few weeks ago, they met live on Apical’s FB community to compare and talk about their projects, touching on some very important topics such as the challenges they are facing as they grow. These challenges are different in some cases, while in other cases they are shared and understood by both sides.

Here are the highlights of the live broadcast:

  • A common vision
  • What superpowers do you need to have to find those small realities in your local area that make for an authentic and sustainable experience?
  • Why is it sometimes difficult to form partnerships?
  • What is one of the key elements for the growth of travel projects?
  • Sustainability of experiences and repeaters.

Find out the Creators’ answers!

In our opinion, the interview is very interesting and offers excellent food for thought.

You can follow it entirely by watching the live recording in Community!

Extension of the deadline for submitting applications to the call for applications to the UNESCO SITE AND CREATIVE CITIES FUND.

The third topic is that of the call for proposals for the UNESCO FUND AND CREATIVE CITIES: the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Italy announces the extension of the deadline for submission of projects.

In fact, applications for relief have been extended to August 25. The deadline for submitting applications for funding was originally set for July 15, but was postponed “Given the questions received regarding the submission of project proposals and the recent election round that has engaged numerous municipal administrations“.

The call had been proposed by Apical to our Community some time ago together with our partner ABConsulting. It is a public notice regarding the identification of projects aimed at the development of municipalities with a tourist-cultural vocation in whose territories are located UNESCO World Heritage sites and municipalities belonging to the network of UNESCO creative cities with a total budget of 75 million euros for projects to develop tourist attractiveness and attendance, marketing, events and tourist itineraries, digital tourism promotion as well as set-ups on cultural, landscape and nature sites and much more.

(References: Decree of the Director General prot. 8651/22 dated 08/07/2022

Notice of the Single Person Responsible for the Procedure prot. 8702/22 dated 08/07/2022)

We have been given extra time to take advantage of this opportunity, don’t waste it:
if there is an administration in your local community interested in participating in the call and looking for (brilliant) ideas, write to us and get all the support of the Apical community.

To request information and support for the UNESCO SITE AND CREATIVE CITY FUND click below.

Activate Apical Passport Pro (Free)

Last but not least, we have recently launched Apical Passport (free), a new form of community participation.

If reading our content is not enough for you and you want to become an active part of the Apical Community there is an easy way.
Fill out the form below and activate your Apical Passport, it’s free and allows you to:
Access theSlack environment dedicated to you, the Apical team, and all other Creators;

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What are you waiting for!

What it is and how it works we explain in this article.

Regolamento e procedure anti Covid19

La partecipazione a TUTTI gli eventi organizzati da Apical prevede l’accettazione, da parte del partecipante, del seguente regolamento disciplinare, in cui sono elencate le Misure di prevenzione e protezione per evitare la diffusione da coronavirus – Covid-19.

Per tale motivo il partecipante agli eventi Apical:

– assicura di rispettare le Misure di contenimento della diffusione del COVID-19 espresse

nell’articolo 1 del decreto-legge n. 33 del 16 maggio 2020, ed è a conoscenza delle sanzioni, in caso di mancato rispetto, espresse nell’art 2 del suddetto decreto;

– è a conoscenza del decreto-legge n. 6 del 23 febbraio 2020, articolo 1, lett. h) e i), che

preclude l’accesso ad ogni attività a chiunque sia Positivo al COVID-19 e a chiunque, negli

ultimi 14 giorni abbia avuto contatti con soggetti risultati positivi al COVID-19 o provenga da zone a rischio secondo le indicazioni dell’OMS;

– in presenza di febbre (oltre 37.5°) o altri sintomi influenzali, ha l’obbligo di rimanere al

proprio domicilio e di chiamare il proprio medico di famiglia e/o l’autorità sanitaria;

– se ha eseguito un tampone, per accertare positività o meno al COVID-19, di cui non ha ancora esito, ha l’obbligo di non prendere parte all’attività;

– accetta di sottoporsi, prima dell’inizio dell’attività, al controllo della temperatura eseguito dalla guida. Qualora risultasse uguale o superiore a 37.5° accetta di non prendere parte all’attività.

Il partecipante deve inoltre rispettare le ulteriori norme disciplinari stabilite da Apical:

– obbligo di indossare mascherina, qualora non fosse possibile rispettare la distanza minima di 1 metro dagli altri partecipanti e avere sempre con sé un gel igienizzante a base alcolica da utilizzare in tutte le occasioni, dove necessario.

– niente abbracci e strette di mano.

– rispetto delle distanza minima di 1 metro tra ogni partecipante.

– divieto di uso promiscuo di bottiglie e bicchieri.

– obbligo di informare immediatamente la Guida in caso di qualsiasi malessere o sintomo
 influenzale dovesse sopravvenire durante l’escursione.

Con l’accettazione del regolamento il partecipante dichiara di essere stato compiutamente informato da Apical in merito alle procedure anti Covid da rispettare ed esonera e manleva formalmente Apical da qualsiasi responsabilità di qualsiasi titolo e/o genere e/o natura e/o efficacia, derivante dalla violazione, da parte del partecipante medesimo, delle prescrizioni contenute nel “regolamento e procedure anti Covid” sopra citato.

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