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The only accelerator program dedicated to those who create transformative experiences.

We are looking for extraordinary talents and ideas to turn into successful entrepreneurial projects.

  • Tour operator
  • Eventi & festival
  • Sport camps
  • Retreats
  • Avventure
  • Esperienze Outdoor
  • Viaggi di gruppo
  • DMC
  • Agenzie di viaggio
  • Esperienze locali
  • Avventure
  • Esperienze Outdoor
  • Tour operator
  • Eventi & festival
  • Sport camps
  • Esperienze Outdoor

When more people share an intense experience, they naturally become more open, curious and able to understand each other.

Creators of experiences have the power to transform the lives of people and the territories they traverse, which is why Apical l* supports

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Watch the webinar "The Future of Transformative Industries"

We have prepared a video for you to understand:

– How to build a transformative experience.
– What a project needs to be successful.

– How Apical can help you grow

– How much does the Pilot Program cost

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Launching or growing a project presents you with 1,000 challenges and problems: it's not easy to figure out where to start, what to value, how to manage time and resources


The Pilot Program is your guide and our community your new team to share every step of your journey with

Get all our support!

Pilot Program - Apical


All services and our support are yours for 6 months, at the end you can decide to continue to grow and work with us or you are free* to go back to work on your own*

Pilot program


We teach you the startup method so that you can better organize your work, save resources, and learn how to contain risk by testing hypotheses before investing

Apical Experts


We will connect you to community Creators and our business partners for you to activate collaborations and find new sales channels

In addition to community support you get all the services to work professionally

Apical cloud - booking engine
  • Apical.Cloud the management and booking software for organized tourism operators
  • Integrated marketing features
  • Apical Passport, the heart of the Apical community
  • An entire library of courses for your growth
  • Network with other projects similar to yours
  • One-to-one chat

Tourism and administrative management

  • Apical TO – supplier and customer management,
    Contracts, invoices, insurance.
  • Accounting management and

How the Apical Method works

Validated by 50+ creators who have already joined the program

8 Sprints in 16 weeks to sculpt your project

Apical is a startup, and we believe that the Agile method consisting of sprints every 15 days and weekly checkpoints is the most effective not only for emerging companies, but also for more established companies that want to get smarter and faster

Apical Passport

Each week we guide you to discover platform courses and groups in which to network

Meeting Checkpoint

Every Wednesday from 6:30 to 8 p.m., we meet online to discuss the work of each individual project.

Call 1to1

Tuesdays through Thursdays you can book a 30-minute Call via Zoom to talk with us and receive a consultation.

Google drive

Repository of the whole batch and individual project teaching materials.

Direct chat support, network with industry experts and other projects from all over the country through Apical Passport

Assistenza Apical cloud
Pilot Program Apical

A course library with more than 30 hours of lectures already loaded into Apical Passport
continuously updated every week

The next edition of the Pilot Program will begin in:



The Pilot Program is open to all

no special training needed, we work with projects of the most diverse types

Projects that start from scratch

Companies that want to return to innovation

We are looking for innovative ideas of all kinds

These are just a few inspirations, surprise us with things we haven’t thought of


Events and festivals

Digital Nomads

Sports camps/trips

Slow and active tourism




Local cultures

Van life



With a shared vision

We are open to any project as long as it shares a vision of the future based on our 4 key words.

We are looking for people and teams who, like us, think that creating experiences is an indispensable form of social innovation, a way to generate positive impact on people, territories, and society as a whole





What they say about the Pilot

In base a 31 valutazioni
Marco Tatta
Marco Tatta
Come startup nel settore turistico abbiamo seguito il corso Pilot proposto ad un prezzo irrisorio che ci ha dato tantissimi spunti su business model, marketing e comunicazione, tutto in ambiente amichevole ma professionale. Il punto forte sono le persone della community che lavorano e crescono tutte assieme. L'AD Nicola ha una perfetta vision su questo e riesce a comunicarla con energia e passione.
Deborah Domaschio
Deborah Domaschio
Un esperienza unica e super utile! Grazie al team davvero professionale e grazie a tutti i creators per i loro preziosi contributi ! Una community super ❤️
Anna Tilocca
Anna Tilocca
Con il team di Apical e i programmi di formazione che offrono ho imparato nuove skills e soprattutto ho preso consapevolezza di tutti quei settori che compongono il lavoro della mia agenzia. Grazie a questa consapevolezza ho deciso di affidare loro la parte marketing e non vedo l'ora di iniziare il lavoro di squadra. Grazie Apical!
Licia “Travelmood”
Licia “Travelmood”
Consiglio Apical a chi è del settore travel già da anni e ovviamente a chi è nuovo, ha in mente un'idea e vuole metterla in pratica! Il percorso Pilot ti permette in tempi brevi di imparare nuovi strumenti digitali, di conoscere creators con cui collaborare e di aver sempre qualcuno al tuo fianco!
Luisa Pavesi
Luisa Pavesi
Molto utile per capire come organizzare meglio il proprio lavoro e per fare rete con altri innovatori in ambito turistico.
Riccardo Giordano
Riccardo Giordano
Un unico ambiente, giovane e innovativo, dove trovare tutte le risorse umane e tecniche per realizzare il proprio piccolo o grande sogno personale nel mondo dei viaggi e delle esperienze. Continuate così 🙂
Cataldo Curia
Cataldo Curia
Ragazzi seri e in gamba seguendo il loro corso ho avuto la possibilità di imparare ed applicare alla mia azienda in maniera rapida ed intuitiva le loro lezioni e la consiglio a chiunque voglia apprendere nozioni di marketing e come gestire al meglio la propria attività.
Claudia Pattarini
Claudia Pattarini
Angie Musci
Angie Musci
A no-nonsense approach to the business. They’re smart people with empathy and a purpose! A very good experience overall.
Nicola Cortesi
Nicola Cortesi
Apical ha ideato uno straordinario percorso di accelerazione dei progetti travel, chiamato "Pilot". Non oso immaginare quante volte sarei andato a sbattere contro un muro se non avessi seguito questo percorso per elaborare i miei prodotti! Lo consiglio caldamente a tutti i Creators.

What do the Pilots of the

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Our Pilots

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The right time is always now! 😉 Many people approach things with enormous care and precision preferring to plan every detail before launching. On the surface, this behavior is perfect, but it hides 2 problems that paradoxically benefit the jumper.

1. Planning allows us to predict only what we already know, in reality the vast majority of the problems and decisions to be faced are invisible at the beginning of a project and only become apparent when we take the first steps.. So as counterintuitive as it may be, those who leave at random plan better than those who wait, accumulate fewer delays, predict the future better–curious

2. Until an idea/project/proposal remains locked in my head or at best in my team’s head… it is pure fantasy

There’s only one thing that can allow me to really understand what I’m doing, in marketing it’s calledreflex analysis, and it’s a fundamental step–essential step–that needs to be anticipated as much as possible.

Both. More and more companies are relying on our programs to train their teams. The Pilot has an advantage over any training course: it is practical and empowering. A company that, for example, is thinking of launching a new product, opening a new market, and learning how to communicate and sell in digital can enroll the people on its team to do so. People will participate in the program by bringing their own project, and together we will help them grow. The result will be great both for the company’s goals and for the maturation of the people involved who will feel part of the project and responsible for the results

1 hour, maximum 1.5 hours per day is more than enough time to follow the program at its best. The Pilot is structured to allow even those with other jobs to be able to follow everything smoothly. We hold our weekly meetings at 6:30 p.m. and offer assistance at any time of the day. Clearly those who can devote more time will benefit more, but we want to make sure that everyone, even those who have to manage a thousand things, can be successful with us

Yes, the Pilot Program is very often chosen by those who are going through the drudgery of a project without the support of a team. Those who tackle the program solo find it very useful to be able to share their journey with other projects and to use the Apical method as a guide so as not to get lost. Clearly, a team will be easier to accomplish tasks, but we want to make sure that even those on their own* can cope with everything to the best of their ability. The Pilot is also a very convenient way to find people to collaborate with and build a team over time

Yes, no problem. You can participate in the program and you can also sell online through us. We will use Withholding Taxes to transfer your income to you, up to the annual ceiling

The Pilot lasts 6 months in all during which you have all our services guaranteed: Passport, Apical.Cloud, Technical/Administrative Direction, Community and Events. At the end you can decide to continue on your own* or stay with us and continue to use the same services in exchange for a subscription of €100/month.

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Oppure se hai più di tempo e vuoi raccontarci il tuo progetto:

Regolamento e procedure anti Covid19

La partecipazione a TUTTI gli eventi organizzati da Apical prevede l’accettazione, da parte del partecipante, del seguente regolamento disciplinare, in cui sono elencate le Misure di prevenzione e protezione per evitare la diffusione da coronavirus – Covid-19.

Per tale motivo il partecipante agli eventi Apical:

– assicura di rispettare le Misure di contenimento della diffusione del COVID-19 espresse

nell’articolo 1 del decreto-legge n. 33 del 16 maggio 2020, ed è a conoscenza delle sanzioni, in caso di mancato rispetto, espresse nell’art 2 del suddetto decreto;

– è a conoscenza del decreto-legge n. 6 del 23 febbraio 2020, articolo 1, lett. h) e i), che

preclude l’accesso ad ogni attività a chiunque sia Positivo al COVID-19 e a chiunque, negli

ultimi 14 giorni abbia avuto contatti con soggetti risultati positivi al COVID-19 o provenga da zone a rischio secondo le indicazioni dell’OMS;

– in presenza di febbre (oltre 37.5°) o altri sintomi influenzali, ha l’obbligo di rimanere al

proprio domicilio e di chiamare il proprio medico di famiglia e/o l’autorità sanitaria;

– se ha eseguito un tampone, per accertare positività o meno al COVID-19, di cui non ha ancora esito, ha l’obbligo di non prendere parte all’attività;

– accetta di sottoporsi, prima dell’inizio dell’attività, al controllo della temperatura eseguito dalla guida. Qualora risultasse uguale o superiore a 37.5° accetta di non prendere parte all’attività.

Il partecipante deve inoltre rispettare le ulteriori norme disciplinari stabilite da Apical:

– obbligo di indossare mascherina, qualora non fosse possibile rispettare la distanza minima di 1 metro dagli altri partecipanti e avere sempre con sé un gel igienizzante a base alcolica da utilizzare in tutte le occasioni, dove necessario.

– niente abbracci e strette di mano.

– rispetto delle distanza minima di 1 metro tra ogni partecipante.

– divieto di uso promiscuo di bottiglie e bicchieri.

– obbligo di informare immediatamente la Guida in caso di qualsiasi malessere o sintomo
 influenzale dovesse sopravvenire durante l’escursione.

Con l’accettazione del regolamento il partecipante dichiara di essere stato compiutamente informato da Apical in merito alle procedure anti Covid da rispettare ed esonera e manleva formalmente Apical da qualsiasi responsabilità di qualsiasi titolo e/o genere e/o natura e/o efficacia, derivante dalla violazione, da parte del partecipante medesimo, delle prescrizioni contenute nel “regolamento e procedure anti Covid” sopra citato.

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