Accelerating a Travel & Experience project: what does it mean?

Accelerating a Travel & Experience project: what does it mean?

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Learning how to grow your business is necessary: technology is advancing, and knowing how to leverage it can provide a competitive advantage for a creator

The creation and development of transformative and authentic experiences as a form of social innovation, which have the power to transform the lives of people and the territories they traverse by contaminating their futures, requires a professional, smart and fast working method.

At Apical,collective learning, startup methodology and all our experience in the travel world are used to help 360° projects of emerging or established companies.

Pilot Program is
the accelerator program for you, whether you are a startup consisting of a single creator or a structured company with more than 100 employees.

Undertake a project to create Transformative Experiences

Embarking on projects to create Transformative Experiences may require the use of an accelerator program, i.e., a training course through which Accelerate the development of the business idea and make their way into the market, accompanied and supported by faculty who are experts in the field guiding toward business growth and success by speeding up various processes in innovative and sustainable ways.

Start a project

Creators who are starting a sustainable project must be able to do so by addressing the stages of their own path in the right sequence. All those who decide to embark on such a path are, in fact, faced with a series of “predefined” challenges so as to turn the initial idea into a successful project. Therefore, it is critical to understand and be aware of what really represents the path you are choosing to take to make sure you have the resources, the skills, the network necessary to be able to succeed.

Different strategies to overcome difficulties

Regardless of the stage of a travel project, there are two main types of transformative experience creators:

  1. those who work alone
  2. Those who work in a team.

Within these two types, there are people who have different aptitudes and skills. There are those who are more predisposed to content creation or marketing strategy management. Or, there are those who are more skilled in product creation but less skilled in the more operational and management parts.

Thus, there are many different strategies, solutions and areas of expertise needed for project development. Therefore, it is not always easy to manage each of these efficiently. Especially, when you have to deal with everything by yourself alone, tenacity and self-confidence are very important elements in order not to find yourself having to abandon your project.

What challenges does a creator of transformative and innovative experiences face during the development of his or her project?

  • The first challenge that a creator will surely face is that ofproject identity and the need for their brand to be able to target a well-identified audience in order to offer experiences capable of generating added value;
  • This connects directly with the second step, which is positioning within the market;
  • Another challenge involves creating an environment in which it is possible to compare and share ideas, strategies, collaborations, proposals between partners, or simply provide a sense of belonging to one’s customers. This is because a creator often faces problems and situations alone that can instead be overcome through a community.

Once these early stages have been overcome, the project begins to take shape, and the journey of accelerating the travel product winds its way through solving challenges involving:

  • Acquisition Funnel Management,
  • the development of a CRM,
  • The direct and/or indirect sale to the public,
  • the availability of its own website
  • Of e-commerce systems to take advantage of for management, b2c and b2b sales and payment collection
  • all about communication channels and audience acquisition, through a newsletter and editorial plan.

Then there are some aspects and strategies that relate to the business plan of the enterprise, brand reputation, raising financial resources, and investment capacity.

Pilot Program: how does the accelerator program help overcome challenges?

We are well aware that all of the above are challenges that, especially for those who are just beginning to materialize a business idea, can be complicated to overcome, but this is precisely why we have created Apical Pilot Program, the only accelerator program dedicated to creators of ethical, sustainable, and transformative experiences, through which we help push growth, reduce costs and risks of all those experiences that are the result of transformative languages such as sports, culture, arts, science, tourism and beyond.

Who is the Pilot Program for?

Through the Pilot program, Apical’s team offers strategic and operational support services with the purpose of providing everything needed for those who are starting a project pursuing innovation and social impact goals with a clear and defined economic mission.

There are no barriers to entry or requirements to enter the program, in fact we welcome projects made by people with all kinds of backgrounds, training and skills .

The only conditions relate to the
availability of willpower required to embark on such a journey, learn, get help and collaborate with others, and the ability of /the Creators to generate sustainable, transformative and innovative experiences.

Start with the Pilot Program

Regolamento e procedure anti Covid19

La partecipazione a TUTTI gli eventi organizzati da Apical prevede l’accettazione, da parte del partecipante, del seguente regolamento disciplinare, in cui sono elencate le Misure di prevenzione e protezione per evitare la diffusione da coronavirus – Covid-19.

Per tale motivo il partecipante agli eventi Apical:

– assicura di rispettare le Misure di contenimento della diffusione del COVID-19 espresse

nell’articolo 1 del decreto-legge n. 33 del 16 maggio 2020, ed è a conoscenza delle sanzioni, in caso di mancato rispetto, espresse nell’art 2 del suddetto decreto;

– è a conoscenza del decreto-legge n. 6 del 23 febbraio 2020, articolo 1, lett. h) e i), che

preclude l’accesso ad ogni attività a chiunque sia Positivo al COVID-19 e a chiunque, negli

ultimi 14 giorni abbia avuto contatti con soggetti risultati positivi al COVID-19 o provenga da zone a rischio secondo le indicazioni dell’OMS;

– in presenza di febbre (oltre 37.5°) o altri sintomi influenzali, ha l’obbligo di rimanere al

proprio domicilio e di chiamare il proprio medico di famiglia e/o l’autorità sanitaria;

– se ha eseguito un tampone, per accertare positività o meno al COVID-19, di cui non ha ancora esito, ha l’obbligo di non prendere parte all’attività;

– accetta di sottoporsi, prima dell’inizio dell’attività, al controllo della temperatura eseguito dalla guida. Qualora risultasse uguale o superiore a 37.5° accetta di non prendere parte all’attività.

Il partecipante deve inoltre rispettare le ulteriori norme disciplinari stabilite da Apical:

– obbligo di indossare mascherina, qualora non fosse possibile rispettare la distanza minima di 1 metro dagli altri partecipanti e avere sempre con sé un gel igienizzante a base alcolica da utilizzare in tutte le occasioni, dove necessario.

– niente abbracci e strette di mano.

– rispetto delle distanza minima di 1 metro tra ogni partecipante.

– divieto di uso promiscuo di bottiglie e bicchieri.

– obbligo di informare immediatamente la Guida in caso di qualsiasi malessere o sintomo
 influenzale dovesse sopravvenire durante l’escursione.

Con l’accettazione del regolamento il partecipante dichiara di essere stato compiutamente informato da Apical in merito alle procedure anti Covid da rispettare ed esonera e manleva formalmente Apical da qualsiasi responsabilità di qualsiasi titolo e/o genere e/o natura e/o efficacia, derivante dalla violazione, da parte del partecipante medesimo, delle prescrizioni contenute nel “regolamento e procedure anti Covid” sopra citato.

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